Family Group Meetings - A new approach:

A safer and more structured process for all.

SynRJ have published an article outlining the positive benefits of their structured version of FGC - the Family Group Meeting. This model includes the option for the facilitator/s to stay for as long as necessary/requested, to ensure the family have an effective, efficient, Fair, Respectful, Engaging, Safe and Honest (F.R.E.S.H.) meeting…certainly until the facilitator is satisfied that the family are working effectively and safely. As in Restorative Conferencing, facilitators remain neutral, do not express their own opinion or try to engineer outcomes. It is still entirely the family’s own plan, which they then present to the referrer and other professionals, as in the traditional FGC.

To read the article and for further details on this new structured Family Group Meetings process, please CLICK HERE.
For more on the 3-Day SynRJ structured Family Group Meetings training see the leaflet at this link: Family Group Meeting Flyer

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