"The training was extremely thorough, providing us a unique opportunity to explore the challenges involved with working restoratively with the victims of sexual abuse and their perpetrators."

Deirdre Kenny

Advocacy Director

 One in Four

Dublin, Ireland


Introductions, Expectations and FRESH

Relational and Restorative Processes (RP) - Re-Cap: Key Principles of RP from Module 1 Student Workbook

Best Practices Guidance: Circle discussion on points raised from Best Practices Guidance on Section B: Sensitive and Complex Cases & Section D: Co-Working Cases

Case Study Exercise: Case Study 1: ‘Who has been affected and how?’ - ‘What are their needs?’ - ‘What might help meet those needs?’

‘Facing the Demons’ DVD: Documentary of an actual Murder Conference followed by discussion on needs of participants and to what extent they were met

The Scripted Model: ‘Acknowledged Harm’ and ‘Unacknowledged Harm’ Explanation of differences

Role Play Preparation: Preparation time (in pairs), Preparation time (Selected Facilitators and Role Players)

Practical Session Role Play: Role play of sensitive and complex scenario

Circle discussion: ‘Preparation for Serious Crime - Considerations and Sensitivities’ Circle discussion on points raised from reading the paper

Case Study Exercise: Case Study 2: ‘Who has been affected and how?’ - ‘What are their needs?’ - ‘What might help meet those needs?’

‘Kathy’s Story’ DVD: Story of a long term sexual abuse victim and her restorative conference, followed by discussion on needs of participants and to what extent they were met

Further Practical Role Plays: Case Studies 2 and 3 Role Plays (as for Case Study 1 above)

Reflections and closing circle

Module 5



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SynRJ Complex & Sensitive Cases

Complex and Sensitive Cases: Advanced Facilitator Training

SynRJ Module 5

​​This two-day course prepares experienced restorative practitioners to prepare and manage sensitive and complex restorative conferences.

The training is designed to meet the needs of experienced practitioners ready to step up to facilitation of cases involving perhaps high levels of trauma and/or complexity or simply cases where a good degree of sensitivity is demanded. On day one it concentrates on participant needs, risk assessment and proper preparation of all participants. Day two provides opportunities to facilitate a variety of such cases, thereby building confidence and ensuring safe practice.


The objective of this 2-Day Complex and Sensitive Cases: Advanced Facilitator Training, is to prepare experienced restorative practitioners for the management of sensitive and complex restorative practice cases.


The course focuses on working restoratively with sensitive and complex cases, following best practice guidance in this important aspect of restorative practice. As well as circle discussion on the preparation for and conferencing of sensitive and complex cases, the two days will also include case studies including sexual abuse and family issues, role playing such cases and the award winning documentary ‘Facing the Demons’ – exploring conferencing as a response to murder – followed by circle discussions.


Students receive a detailed workbook which follows the course plus other useful handouts and resources.

SynRJ Open Events