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Senior Associate

David is a retired Police Officer who has worked in the Restorative Practice area as a practitioner and trainer for the past 15 years, gaining experience with the Youth Offending Service (2002—2010) in Swansea, where he supported staff, young people and their families rebuilding relationships and reintegrating them back into the communities.

After the YOS he became the lead trainer in the very successful RP project (2010—2014) in Swansea, where over 5000 professionals were trained form Education, Police Service, Social Services and the Voluntary Sector. The project also trained a large number of pupils (Secondary and Primary) as Restorative Mentors. They were able to use these skills in the playground and classroom while supporting staff.

He now works as a full time freelance trainer and has worked throughout the UK.

Specialist area – Policing, Youth Offending, Schools, Local Authority