Module 4



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Family Group Meetings:

Engaging with and Empowering Families

SynRJ Module 4​

Course Aim & Objectives

Provide participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to coordinate/facilitate Family Group Meetings/Conferences (FGM/C)

All participants to gain: -

  • a practical and theoretical knowledge of both ‘structured’ and free flowing FGM/C processes
  • an insight into the various applications of FGM/C at a formal level
  • ​an introduction to using restorative and relation processes at an informal level
  • experience of the practical application of the above through role-play
  • training linked to National Occupational Standards for Restorative Practice
  • an opportunity to obtain sufficient knowledge, skills and evidence of
  • learning to pursue individual accreditation


Working Together for Safer Communities

Module 4 Agenda

Learning Pairs - Giving & Receiving Feedback
​Introduction to FGM/C:
The Functional Family – Exercise
Personal (Family) Harm Experience - Exercise in Learning Pairs (Inc.
Empathetic Listening)
Introduction to the Family Group Meeting/Conference (FGM/C)
Stakeholders in the FGM/C process
FGM/C Overview
FGM/C – ‘The Childs perspective’ - DVD
Circle Discussion based on Needs Task
FGM/C Processes:
What is a FGM/C? - Typology of Family Focused Relational Processes
Key Features and Applications of the FGM/C Process
“What is a FGM/C?” – DVD
Collaboration vs. Coercion
Engaging with and Empowering Families
Engagement, Collaboration and Empowerment: Scenarios Exercise
The FGM/C Process: Who comes? - Preparing Agency Staff and Child Participation - Benefits of attending
The FGM/C Process: Referral, Information Sharing - Private Family Time - Presentation of the Plan, Implementation and Review of the Plan
FGM/C Preparation Exercises - Practical preparation of participants
Circle Discussion based on Needs Task
Family Group Meeting/Conferencing - Description Exercise
FGM/C in Practice:
Case Study 1 - Preparation for Role Play
Co-Working Discussion based on pre-read
Allocation of Roles and Facilitators
Preparation for Role Play co-working in Learning Pairs
Role Play plus De-role and De-brief The SynRJ Structured (Scripted) FGM Process
FGM/C Implementation
Application of RP and FGM/C to Domestic Violence and Abuse cases Case Study 2 and 3 Role Plays as for Case Study 1
Overcoming Concerns

​First Steps for Implementation

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