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LGBT 1-Day CPD Event​
A training day for professionals which aims to increase knowledge and awareness of issues which specifically affect LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) young people. .  This includes information about LGBT  identities,  language use and inadvertent LGBT exclusion.  Areas of current disadvantage including education, healthcare, hate crime and discrimination.  It includes information about support to promote LGBT equality by improving understanding in schools and other settings. Click here for fuller details.

  • Covering areas of law and legislation.
  • Ofsted framework inspection and Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural ( SMSC) agenda.
  • Resources and ideas for lessons
  • How to challenge homophobic/transphobic language and discrimination.
  • How to deal sensitively with pupils “coming out”
  • Tackling homophobia/transphobia in faith schools.


Increased knowledge and confidence for professionals at challenging areas of Homophobic, Bi phobic and Trans phobic (HBT) issues
Create a safer and more supportive environment for pupils and staff
Understand and work within the Ofsted framework inspection document
Improved relationships within settings due to increased understanding of impact of issues
Fewer bullying incidents
Understanding the links in relation to academic attainment and poor mental health outcomes


Effective strategies for:
Developing empathy in young people
Practical application for professionals and young people to challenge various forms of discriminatory incidents
Engaging young people in discussion and activities linking in with the SMSC agenda, single equality duty and hate crime agenda

Agenda and materials

Accounts from experienced Emotional Health and Well Being (EHWB) practitioners
Demonstration and signpost to effective and carefully selected resources to use with young people
Discussion topics
Practical exercises for practicing challenging discriminatory behavior
Practical exercises for young people’s engagement
Thorough explanation of how HBT discrimination affects everyone

Discussion Topics

Facts and myths
Hate Crime
The educators role
Action planning for the future

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