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Families Programme

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SynRJ are seeking suitable host organisations to pilot these new programmes now ready for field trails. Those chosen will receive a substantial reduction on the fees to be charged once the pilot is completed.

Contact us to discuss these opportunities.

Offenders Programme

Rehabilitation & Desistance

Our offender programme consisting of 20 sessions can be delivered either 'standalone' or works in together with our other programmes. Thus,  complimenting each other with the intention of reducing recidivism by helping clients break the cycle of offending and inappropriate behaviour, leading to rehabilitation, connectedness  and ultimately desistance.

The SynRJ 'Safe and Sound' personal safety programme provides strategies for keeping safe and handling unsafe situations to those we work with. These strategies apply whether they become involved voluntarily, through peer pressure or under duress / force.

The programme aims to build the client's / participants own problem solving skills, self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

The programmes 'Themes' and 'Strategies' include specific applications for use within restorative and relational processes and family group meetings.

​SynRJ Module 7

Working Together for Safer Communities

The innovative  ‘Happy Familiesboard game combined with our bespoke 6 week families programme, uses various aspects of restorative practice and personal safety strategies, to help the service user, their family and a wider network of significant others.

Programmes under Development/Piloting