SynRJ RP in Communities

Module 1c



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Relational & Restorative Processes:

Community Applications

SynRJ Module 1c 

​​The aim of this one-day workshop is to give attendees an understanding of restorative practices and several processes that they can begin to use in their daily work in communities. The workshop will include practical hints and tips as well as role plays of community, neighbourhood and street-based scenarios.


  • stronger communities
  • positive relationships, even with challenging students
  • improved quality of life
  • fewer calls to statutory agencies
  • more time to concentrate on important community/neighbourhood issues


underlying concepts of restorative practices

  • effective strategies for:
  • managing behaviour and community problems
  • having people take responsibility for their actions
  • engaging people in problem solving and community issues


  • exercises for practicing restorative techniques
  • DVD on restorative practices in action
  • accounts from experienced restorative practitioners
  • helpful Student Workbook and handouts

Discussion Topics:

  • participants’ experiences and struggles
  • importance of connectedness and relationships
  • engagement of community to deal with anti social behaviour

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